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Companies with no place
of business in France

Payroll France solution

Who is it for ?

You want to start a business in France but you don't have any office or facility in France. Yet you wish to start a business in France for which you have to pay French employees.

PROJINVEST can help you

As a "Foreign company", you must register your company and your employees with the relevant French social institutions.

  • What is the registration process ?
  • What contributions are due ?
  • Where to declare ?
  • When to declare ?
  • How to declare ?
  • How to pay ?

Based in Paris, PROJINVEST is specialised in payroll outsourcing.
PROJINVEST already provides a full services package to "Foreign companies" and handles their paperwork, dispatch their payments and so on, in compliance with the French payroll legislation.

Working with Projinvest will garantee you to be fully compliant with the French laws.

Payroll outsourcing for companies whishing to do business in France

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We are at your disposal to prepare a customized quotation and we garantee you that we will be responsive.
To help us to be as quick as possible, please add the folowing information to your quotation request :

  • Company name
  • Business area
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • Number of employess to be hired in France

Please send your quotation request to (we only speak English and French).


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